Area Navigation (RNAV)

AIM 5-1-8 d. Area Navigation (RNAV)
1. Random RNAV routes can only be approved in a radar environment. Factors that will be considered by ATC in approving random RNAV routes include the capability to provide radar monitoring and compatibility with traffic volume and flow. ATC will radar monitor each flight, however, navigation on the random RNAV route is the responsibility of the pilot.
2. Pilots of aircraft equipped with approved area navigation equipment may file for RNAV routes throughout the National Airspace System and may be filed for in accordance with the following procedures………
(e) Define the random route by waypoints. File route description waypoints by using degree- distance fixes based on navigational aids which are appropriate for the altitude stratum.
3. Pilots of aircraft equipped with latitude/longitude coordinate navigation capability, independent of VOR/TACAN references, may file for random RNAV routes at and above FL 390 within the conterminous U.S. using the following procedures.

1.Random RNAV航路只在雷达监控的环境下执行。

2.对机载设备的要求。(e)航路上的点用degree-distance fixes based on navigational aids方法表示。(详见AC 20-138B)

3.在FL390以上飞行的Random RNAV必须要装备latitude/longitude导航能力,并不依赖VOR/TACAN