Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)

中国没有交叉跑道,因此我以前从没听说过LAHSO这回事。原来“Land and Hold Short Operations”是指落地后,在交叉跑道前或与滑行道交叉的跑道上等待(如下图),因此可用着陆距离就变短了。


AIM 4-3-11:The pilot-in-command has the final authority to accept or decline any land and hold short clearance. The safety and operation of the aircraft remain the responsibility of the pilot. Pilots are expected to decline a LAHSO clearance if they determine it will compromise safety.


To conduct LAHSO, pilots should become familiar with all available information concerning LAHSO at their destination airport. Pilots should have, readily available, the published ALD and runway slope information for all LAHSO runway combinations at each airport of intended landing. Additionally, knowledge about landing performance data permits the pilot to readily determine that the ALD for the assigned runway is sufficient for safe LAHSO. As part of a pilot’s preflight planning process, pilots should determine if their destination airport has LAHSO. If so, their preflight planning process should include an assessment of which LAHSO combinations would work for them given their aircraft’s required landing distance. Good pilot decision making is knowing in advance whether one can accept a LAHSO clearance if offered.

现在运行中发现的一个机场是YMML,在34号跑道的中间标明了一个LAHSO标志,并在下一页机场信息中写了LAHSO的可用落地距离,和灯光说明:“Hold short lights Rwy34”见图:


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