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WMO的《WMO_306_vol I.1_en》中的航路预报也有相同解释。




Thrust Reverser Inoperative
When dispatching on a wet runway with both thrust
reversers operative, an operative anti-skid system, and
all brakes operating, regulations allow deceleration
credit for one thrust reverser in the engine failure case
and two thrust reversers in the all engine stop case.
When dispatching on a wet runway with one thrust
reverser inoperative, the runway/obstacle limited
weight and V1 must be reduced to account for the effect
on accelerate-stop performance. A simplified method,
which conservatively accounts for this, is to reduce the
normal wet runway/obstacle limited weight by 1000 kg
and the V1 associated with the reduced weight by 2
If the resulting V1 is less than minimum V1, takeoff is
permitted with V1 set equal to V1(MCG) provided the
accelerate-stop distance available corrected for wind
and slope exceeds approximately 1600 m.
Detailed analysis for the specific case from the Airplane
Flight Manual may yield a less restrictive penalty.

757/767的FPPM里没找到有这句话。可以用“Slippery Runway Takeoff – No Reverse Thrust”这张表格减载。